Roboboj® Sailing Lake

Functionality of a high-precision GPS system (Roboboj RS System)

Due to requirements of the sailing community, Roboboj® developed a very precise Robotic Buoy System that is now available on the market – the Roboboj® RS System (RS stands for Reference System). Nowadays conventional position systems using a GNSS receiver allows an accurate buoy’s position in a range of a few meters. This inaccuracy is further worsened, for example, by reflections from mountains, in valleys, high buildings and changing weather conditions. Fact is that the required accuracy of the buoy position cannot be guaranteed.
The breakthrough: with the Roboboj® RS System the position of the buoys is now sharp precise – in a decimetre range of +-25cm !
Placed on land, Roboboj® RS Land Unit consists of a specially developed receiver and transmitter that determines the GPS position and forwards the recalculated GPS coordinates to the buoys.