How does the buoy work?

The buoys are driven by 2 electric motors and move autonomously with up to 6 kn to the positions that race management defined. Once arrived at the defined position, anchoring the buoys is no longer necessary. Roboboj® buoys holds its own position thanks to GPS control in a circle of maximum 3-4 meters or 1.0 meter when using Roboboj®’s RS system. Thanks to this technology, the regatta courses can be set precisely and accordingly to the prevailing wind and current conditions quickly and autonomously. If the course has to be reset due to changing winds/currents, this is done with a mouse click on your laptop or tablet. The buoys move autonomously to their new position quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of laborious buoy setting by hand.

Roboboj® revolutionizes your race management and regatta by simply controlling the buoys with the click of a mouse. Significant increase in efficiency thanks to fast course setting with less persons and boats involved. Up to 200% more races (depending on the race format) that can be sailed in difficult and changing wind and current conditions!