We develop professionally usable buoys, primarily for organizers of water sports events. The products are easy to use for customers and enable efficient and effective buoy setting. Our products contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions as the GPS-controlled buoys replace the traditional buoy setting. Our products protect the seabed and lakebed, as no anchors have to be set. We produce high quality and reliable products, which are used worldwide.


It all began on a wonderful day when a sailing regatta was planned on a Swiss lake. The rising wind promised a lot of sailing pleasure; unfortunately, the wind was a bit shifty and changed direction many times. It happened what sailors are used to expect: they needed to wait for a long time until a new race course was set. With a up to 200 meters deep water of the lake, the buoys re-positioning took a long time. As soon as the new course was set, the wind turned again. Conclusion: a whole day wasted without sailing not a single race despite good wind.

Kai, an active sailor and victim of this event, was fed up and decided on the same day that things had to change quickly. Together with friends and partners, he started developing GPS-controlled buoys that could autonomously move to their position.

Kai and his team spent many days and nights in the workshop and were finally able to present their prototypes at a Swiss Sailing League event in Ascona in March 2018, testing them in a real race.

The reactions of the organizer and the participants were enthusiastic, and the Swiss Sailing League decided to adopt Roboboj® for its events. Kai and his team took advantage of this opportunity in order to constantly improve the performance and quality of Roboboj®.

But not only the Swiss Sailing League benefited from this new and innovative system. In sailor’s circles, the word of mouth spread rapidly and the team had the opportunity to test Roboboj® in other events in fresh and salt water such as Eurosaf Club Sailing Championships in Pylos (Greece), Audi E-tron Cup at Kiel Week (Germany), Lega Italia Vela Youth Under 19 Cup in Trieste (Italy), 420 World Championship finals on Stanbergersee (Germany) and Sailing Experience during the Sailing Champions League Final in St Moritz (Switzerland). Each event helped the development team to constantly improve the quality and allowed to meet the wishes and needs of organizers and sailors for further developments.

In 2019 we started to design a new product, reengineering all the experiences made with the prototype. Since summer the new product is in productive missions around Europe. The expectations were exceeded in the reliability, functionality and performance.

Roboboj® products are now available for the season 2020.

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