Cost and environmental awareness

Thanks to Roboboj® buoys you will need less staff to set the buoys and less motorized boats and gasoline. A purchase or replacement of buoy setting boats including expensive lifting equipment is obsolete and relieves your budget sustainably. Buoy setting is now more interesting for personnel, being on the race committee boat and enjoy the job.

Does your club or event have sponsors or do you want to personalize your Roboboj® buoy? No problem, thanks to our flexible Sailing system, you can professionally and inexpensively design your Roboboj® buoy and satisfy your sponsor’s wishes.


The Roboboj® are powered by 2 electric motors feeded by rechargeable batteries. Once charged, the batteries will last up to 24 hours of continuous use at wind speeds of more than 25kn and having strong currents.

Since anchoring the buoys is no longer necessary, the sensitive sea or seabed is spared. The buoys can ideally be driven autonomously from the port to their destination