About us

Roboboj® Holding AG

Roboboj® Holding AG is headquartered in Balzers (LIE) and was founded in 2018. At the Roboboj® Holding AG, all research and development of Roboboj® products take place.

Roboboj® Sales AG

Roboboj® Sales AG, based in Balzers (LIE), is responsible for the sale and marketing of Roboboj® products as well as for the selection of partners (Sales and Service). The quality control also belongs to the tasks of Roboboj. ® Sales AG.

Roboboj® Industries AG

Roboboj® Industries AG, based in Egnach (SUI), is responsible for the construction of the products and for the technical maintenance of the products.

Werner Fiori
Chairman of Roboboj® Holding AG
Originally from the banking sector, Werner Fiori has profound knowledge in this field. After having maintained his own company in software development over the years, he moved his focus to the real estate market, where he has been active in leading positions for several years. His passion and preference for innovation are always complementary to his strategic thinking and action.


Alain Rubeli
Member of the Board of Roboboj® Holding AG
A two-decades experience in banking, covering all areas, from back offices to client advisory (both as investment advisor and, later, as head of the Credit Department) and from responsible for the implementation of a new IT-Platform to Head of Staff Retail & Corporate clients, rounded up with some years as Managing Director of a software development company. Bachelor of Science SUPSI in Business Administration